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“Pan product” line of goods becomes more and more
popular. You can buy “Pan Tomato” and “Pan Apple”
in many cities of Ukraine.

If there is no sales office in your town then you would be, probably, the right person to open it. Start as a consultant or start your business with us. We guarantee high quality of our products and prices from the manufacturer. We don’t work with dealers or resellers.

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         We all remember how apple sauce tastes. Our customers say this taste
      comes from our childhood
    “Pan Apple” is the second product which entered domestic market after
   “Pan Tomato”.

The apple sauce produced by Kherson factory of ecologically pure products
doesn’t contain preservatives.
Thus, the expiration date of “Pan Apple” is different from other products.

Only fresh food contains vitamins and microelements necessary for children
and adults.

Apple sauce is very popular among families with children under 3 years old.
Mums don’t have to risk buying expensive imported food for their children.
“Pan Apple” doesn’t cause dysbacteriosis in children’s bodies, because we
conduct control over the quality of our product long before the apples are
delivered to the factory.

We surely know that apples used for production of “Pan Apple” are not
   processed with chemicals. We can easily monitor growing process because it takes
     place in Ukraine, not abroad.

        “Pan Apple” is produced from apples which are genetically good for us.
              They’ve been grown by many generations. Order free delivery of apple
                   sauce to your home or visit our sales office in your town.


Apples are perfect remedy against sclerosis. This fruit strengthens the immune system. It is recommended to eat apples to people who suffer from enteric infections, heart and kidney diseases, hypertension, obesity, anaemia, gout and pancreatic diabetes. Apple diet is prescribed to the patients who had heart attack. Recent researches testify that eating apples helps to lower cholesterol levels in blood. The researchers found out that pectin contained in apples removes lead, arsenic and radionuclides from your body.

Of course, nutritionists recommend eating fresh apples. But vitamins cannot be preserved in fresh fruits for a long time. Thus, fresh apples can be substituted by apple sauce, produced by using techniques of thermal processing of low intensity.

Apple sauce produced in this way contains the same healthy elements as in fresh fruits. These
 are vitamins А, С, В1, В2, P, E, carotene, many healthy microelements such as potassium,
   iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, sulphur, and other elements such as fruit acids,
     pectins and tannins which improve metabolism, help to normalize digestion
       and clear the body of chemical waste.