You can carry out tasting and buy
“Pan Tomato” in almost any place
in Ukraine.

Order free delivery of “Pan Tomato”
to your home by phone:

+38 (044) 228-61-37,
+38 (067) 547-65-69

“Pan Tomato” is the leader of “Pan Product” line
of goods. The first lot of tomatoes was processed at Kherson
factory in August 2011. Having tasted this tomato paste all
customers said it could not be compared to anything else.
Our factory’s policy is to improve quality of life by offering organic
food, made of fruits and vegetables grown in our country.
Tomatoes should not be expensive just because this vegetable is

We believe that all tomatoes sold in grocery stores should be ecologically
pure. But the reality is different. You can visit our sales office in order to
conduct tasting of tomato paste “Pan Tomato” and make sure that it’s
made of organic vegetables.

Many housewives buy “Pan Tomato” for their children. They use tomato paste
for cooking borsch, making tomato juice and experimenting in the kitchen. Tomato
paste “Pan Tomato” does not cause pyrosis like similar products of other
manufacturers. And most important is that your family budget won’t suffer unless
you would like to buy it more and more often for cooking something tasty.

Nowadays tomato is one of the most popular crops owing to its
valuable nutritious and dietary properties. Healthy properties of tomatoes
are multiple. Tomatoes are good antidepressants. This fruit also regulates
nervous system and lightens your mood due to serotonin contained in it.
Tomatoes have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, improve
metabolism and protect your body from harmful effect of solar radiation.

Lycopene contained in tomatoes protects body cells, prevents cancer and
improves brain function. Increasing daily ration of tomatoes will prevent you
from heart diseases, preserve eyesight and prevent changes in retina which can
cause blindness in advanced age. Fresh tomato juice is full of vitamin C and
pro-vitamin A. Drinking tomato juice will reduce the risk of cardiovascular
diseases, improve lungs and stomach functions. Tomato is a low-calorie
vegetable that is why it is healthy for people suffering from excess weight.

Small farm enterprises grow fruits and vegetables for our factory
with only manual labor, not using any chemical fertilizers, hormones,
pesticides or herbicides.