Kherson factory of ecologically pure products presents line of goods “Master Product” which includes:

«Master Tomato» — thick organic tomato paste of superior quality;
«Master Apple» — thick organic apple sauce of superior quality;
«Master Pumpkin» — pumpkin sauce of superior quality (soon on offer)

Tomato paste “Master Tomato”, apple sauce “Master Apple” and pumpkin sauce “Master Pumpkin” are made from organic, pure products which are grown in the fields by our partner farmers and processed at our factory on Italian machinery MANZINI using COLD BREAK sparing techniques.

Pan Smoothie
We offer line of juices and apple-berry smoothies “Master Smoothie” for caf?s, bars and restaurants.
Smoothie (blended beverage made from fruit and berries) became very popular in Europe and USA. Smoothie is also called healthy food in a glass.