Kherson factory of ecologically pure products was established in
2004 in Kherson city which is geographically advantageous place for
manufacturing foods. Number of sunny days in Kherson oblast in a year
is more than in other regions. Kherson region is famous for rich harvests
of fruits and vegetables.

In 2011 the factory underwent reconstruction and modernization. Special
system for controlling quality of organic food was introduced. Before 2011 the
factory was specialized in processing tomatoes in barrels but since then the
production line was significantly extended.

Now Kherson factory manufactures tomato, apple and other sauces, pumpkin
and other vegetable juices (including tomato and apple juices) in ecological
glass containers. It is also planned to produce soups in near future.

The total area of Kherson factory is 15,767 square meters. It is equipped with
the modern manufacturing machinery by Italian firm MANZINI COMCAO SpA. The
equipment was installed in 2004. The manufacturing equipment is installed in
2004. The manufacturing equipment is installed in two stories so that if the weather is not
favorable for harvesting you can store raw products (tomatoes, fruits) in collecting tanks
for 2.5 days at stable temperature. In such a way the raw products are also protected
from ultraviolet rays and retain high quality.

The tomato concentrate and fruit sauces (made from large fruits) are produced
using COLD BREAK technology with following aseptic packaging.
Processing equipment capacity is 5 tons per hour.

All production is certified on the territory of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.