«Environmentally safe products plant» is a new and modern enterprise. It was built,
    certified and introduced into operation in 2004. The producing plant and the raw material
   base are placed in the ecologically clean area on the South of Ukraine. This area if famous
 for the biggest yields of fruit and vegetable organic cultures that grow only on the given territory.

The maximum sunny days allows growing fruit and vegetables with unique value.

Comparatively small production volume allows to make a more careful selection of the raw material. The
raw material is mainly provided by small farms that give a more qualitative
hand-picked material. The area of each farm does not exceed 30-50 hectares.

  The suppliers are placed not far from the plant, that allows to deliver the yield harvest in the
  soonest time possible..

    The plant is equipped with production facility of an Italian firm «MANZINI COMACO SpA».
         The production capacity is 5 tons of the initial product per hour.

        Producing of tomato concentrate, as well as fruit sauce of
     any kind of seeded fruit, is made according to “COLD BREAK”
    technology with the subsequent aseptic packaging.

The organic products for the enterprise are supplied for large juice enterprises since 2004.

Since 2011 the enterprise has created its own retail network on the territory of Ukraine “Pan Product” that deals with selling organic products. Since this year many adherents of ecologically clean products have discovered a unique organic tomato paste (Pan Tomato), apple sauce (Pan Apple), pumpkin sauce (Pan Pumpkin).

      In 2012 the enterprise decides to introduce its products for
        European, Korean, and American buyers.

      The main goods produced are tomato concentrate with dry
  substance content 25-30%, apple sauce, pumpkin sauce. The
  packaging is made into aseptic bags, excluding any chance of
contact of the ready-made product with the environment. The bags are packed in metal tierces with the volume of 200 liters.

The plant has its own modern accredited laboratory for
conducting full analysis of the entering raw material
for processing.

Plant technological conditions allow making fruit sauce
  of any kind of seeded fruit without any constructional
      changes or additions.